How to do TB test for UK VISA

UK TB Test

How to do TB test for UK VISA

UK TB Test is an important part of VISA documents required for applying to UK. I get asked by a number of friends regarding the procedure, so i thought why not write a comprehensive blog about it with all the necessary details. In this article , i will try to simplify the procedure so that “unnecessary research” is spared , which i had to go through. I applied from Peshawar.

There are two ways to get an appointment.

  • Via Phone ( +9251111466472). When you dial this no then chose UK TB appointment. And keep your passport with you to provide them all the details. This line is “busy” most of the time and my advice would be to call them early in the morning around 8 am.
  • After they obtain your details. Make sure to ask them for reference no of your appointment. The disadvantage with appointment via phone is that there is only oral confirmation and they do not give any written confirmation. That is why make sure to ask them for reference no and an email confirming the appointment.
  • Via email Just write and email with the following details and they will reply within 48 hours with your appointment. Its a better way to get a confirmed appointment.
  • Country of assessment:
    Location for appointment :
    Visa Type :
    Date of birth:
    Passport Number:
    Applicant Contact Number :
    Email Address :
    Address of UK :
    UK contact no :
  • After booking the appointment next step is to have the payment deposit slips evidence. Determine the designated standard chartered branch in your area. For Peshawar , it was the Saddar branch. They have their IOM separate deposit slips and require the original passport at the time of deposit as the bank has to convey the payment receipt to the IOM online. Make sure to double check the correct passport no entry with the deposit slip. For adults the current fee is 7,750 and for children less than 11 its 6090 Rs. If the child requires an x ray then the additional cost can be deposited at the SCB branch near the testing center.
  • 3 passport size photos with white background are also required for each applicant.

At the UK TB Test center you basically need

  1. Original passport
  2. payment evidence/ deposit slips
  3. colored photos passport size (white background)
  4. Birth certificate in case of children
  • For any appointment changes, complaints and queries write an email to this id and they ll facilitate you accordingly 
  • My appointment was at  Al- Maroof International Hospital at F-10 Markaz Islamabad. The TB center is on the 2nd floor.
  • Make sure to reach in time and keep your GPS intact while travelling to Islamabad. 3 G and 4 G service is unpredictable and my advice would be to buy a zong 4G internet device which costs around 2500 Rs. It can be carried around anywhere and has reliable internet service especially with respect to GPS.
  • When you reach the center , they check your passports and fill out the consent form for each applicant. Then the x rays are done and you are told to come back around 4 00 PM to collect the reports.
  • They dont give you the actual x rays if the tests are clear. They only give you the certificate. The x rays are given if there are suspicious changes that may warrant further testing.
  • Take copies of the certificate. VISA appointment center at GERRYS does not require original copies. Keep the original copies with you as they will be required in future.
  • In case of children less than 11 years age , medical examination alone would suffice unless there is a specific indication for a chest x ray e.g immune compromised state, TB contact history etc. The fee however remains the same, even though no testing is done !!!

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