This article elucidates, HOW TO QUIT SMOKING EASILY. We all know the hazards of cigarette smoking , its relation to various diseases including cancer so we wont dive into that scary detail. For now we shall focus on The 8 Best methods to quit smoking.

“The average smoker spends up to 3000 $ on cigarettes every year

  1. Decide to Quit

The foremost thing is a firm decision to quit. The steps you take in this direction may be small but the goal of quitting will serve as the light and power behind each step along the way. Write yourself a letter , address yourself in it about why its important to you that you quit this habit. Realize the harm and imagine your loved ones and their expectations for the same goal.

2. Chalk out your personal plan and schedule the dates of quitting

Write a detailed plan which is feasible to you. Decide the step wise or one go quitting schedule and firmly stick to it. Take help from your friends and family. Take them into confidence if you feel, you need help from the people around you. Never be afraid to ask for help. They can facilitate you and serve as friendly reminders plus checks and balances in this regard.

3. Keep an eye on your diet

Some of the foods and drinks in particular make cigarettes taste better , hence, increasing their consumption. Foods like meats, steaks, alcohol and coffee are included in this category. Try substituting these foods or eliminating them from your diet. For some people, cigarettes don’t taste the same once they alter their diet. They have this profound realization that it was the diet which was responsible for the cigarette cravings. Thus more emphasis is given on diet and helps to a great deal in quitting smoking altogether.

4. Identify your triggers

Identify the events , the places and the actions that force you to think about getting a cigarette. Identify the people and friends in your life whose company stimulate you to do so. If possible try to look for outlets other than these interactions. Your social circle plays a great role in determining these habits becoming second nature to you. If possible try to identify if there is such an external influence in the form of friends or colleagues that is making you smoke in excess than you would normally do.

5. Support Groups

Remember, you are 5 times more likely to quit smoking if its done with the help of a support group and in consultation with a health professional. Behavioral cognitive therapy and psychotherapy can be of immense help. Bottling away the negative thoughts has never helped anyone to date. The difference in choosing and finding your own path as compared to following the path laid down to you by an expert is that they have already been there. They can guide you much better in light of their experiences with hundreds of people who had similar issues with quitting.

6. Medical Help

Nicotine replacement therapy to combat the cravings associated with withdrawal and drugs like bupropion are of significant help in a large percentage of individuals. Some may not even require this additional help and chose to go through the grind. However, it does make the process bearable and is advisable to do so under the umbrella and guidance of a healthcare professional.

7. Daily Exercise

Regular exercise, be it for 10 minutes only, can give a sense of punctuality and an overall sense of well being. Its associated with endorphins release and helps you function at an optimum level. The early fatigue initially and gradual build up of stamina in relation to quitting smoking will serve as positive reinforcement that the effects of smoking are weaning off due to quitting and hence a longer lasting ability to keep on exercising.

8. Personal Experience Tips.

These 8 Best methods on HOW TO QUIT SMOKING EASILY at the end includes some personal experiences of patients and smoking addicts with which I have interacted. These recommendations aren’t necessarily tested in clinical trials but as a physician , I have seen subjective improvement with the addition of these methods. They are safe and can be tried by anyone. They don’t require a prescription from a doctor and hence serve as one of the natural ways to quit smoking.

A. Black pepper and Lemonade.

Add these to your daily routine. Some of my relatives had great benefit who had sought this idea from one of the doctors at a rehab center. Both serve as antitoxin and may counter the deleterious effects of smoking as well as help in decreasing the cravings in a natural way.

B. Meditation, Massage and Yoga

These are excellent productive outlets as well as relaxation techniques that help in calming down the nerves. They should be tried as they can only be of benefit in this regard.

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