how to increase height after 21

how to increase height after 21

how to increase height after 21

Can we increase our Height ? What are the essential 5 factors ?

how to increase height after 21

Its a common question posed by many anxious people who perceive their height to be a major hindering factor in the way of their good looks. Let us practically examine the various factors that height depends upon. We will also discuss the factors which are modifiable and those which are not.


They play as the primary factor which determines whether you are tall or not. If you have a dominant gene/allele for height that you will be tall. If both your parents have a tall height then your chance of being tall is significantly more than the person whose both parents are short heighted.


Even if you have the required genes to attain a satisfactorily tall height, its possible not to attain it due to an imbalance diet or poor nutrition. Height is basically growth and we require the fuels to function and grow. These include carbohydrates, proteins and fats primarily. Certain minerals and vitamins like B 1,6, 12, vitamin D, calcium, zinc , magnesium , iron and others are also required for this purpose.

Sleep your way to a greater height !

It may sound surprising but adequate sleep is necessary for attaining a good height. 8 hours sleep per day is a minimum requirement. The growth hormone is maximally released during sleep which contributes to growth and height. The best way to do so is to ensure a peaceful environment for sleep which is devoid of excess light , noise or other stimulations. Taking a bath before sleep time is one way to ensure a refreshing sleep for many people.

Role of Exercise

Exercise has multiple benefits for overall health and functioning. It boosts the immune system and has endorphin releasing phenomenon which gives an overall sense of well being to the body and mind. Stretching the muscles and limbs has not been shown to increase height. Swimming is an excellent exercise for this purpose as it involves motion of the whole body. Hanging from a bar with limbs stretched, rope bouncing , full body and spine stretches though claimed have not been shown to be of any benefit in increasing height specifically.

Consult your Doctor

Certain diseases can halt your growth/height and a doctor needs to be consulted in this regard. These include precocious puberty, spine compression, hormonal , vitamin and mineral deficiencies. A satisfactory height may not be achieved despite having the genetic make up, good nutrition and the above factors. Smoking and anabolic steroid use are two other factors that would affect height negatively. Anabolic steroid use before age 18 would cause fusion of growth plates and hence stop the progression of height permanently.


Avoid spending money on products with false claims of increasing height. They may be more harmful than beneficial. Invest in the above modifiable factors and hope for the best. Eat well , sleep well and exercise properly is the mantra which will ensure the best effort on your part to have the maximum height.

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