I am having vision floaters


Q. I am having EYE FLOATERS AND FLASHES. I am a 32 year old Gym instructor. This has been happening for the past two weeks, on and off. What could this be ?

EYE FLOATERS AND FLASHES can be benign or may require further workup depending upon their presentation.

  • The benign and most common cause includes remnants of the congenital primary vitreous that fails to dissolve completely leading to specks/ dots/ floaters in the visual field. This does not require any treatment or intervention. So you can relax if this is determined to be the cause.
  • Local injury, ulceration and associated inflammatory conditions of the eye along with age related degeneration of the vitreous are other causes that can present with such symptoms.
  • If the onset of these visual floaters is sudden then a retinal pathology such as retinal tear, retinal detachment
    or traction on the retina must be looked for and excluded, accordingly.
  • If a retinal tear is present then laser treatment can be done to seal the area to prevent its extension and further complications.
  • Indirect ophthalmoscopy by an ophthalmologist (preferably by a retinal specialist/ vitreoretinal surgeon) would be required.


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