Are you suffering from neck and back ache? Do you wish you had the luxury of a massage spa at home?

BACK MASSAGER: Whether it is due to constant hours in front of the computer, weird sleeping positions, or hard workouts, we all suffer from aches and discomfort in our neck and back. According to Osteopathic Doctors, the best way to ease aches and discomfort is through massage therapy.

No one doubts the soothing effects of massage therapy, however, it can be pricey. So if you want a professional massage that does not fit into your budget or you are looking to invest in an at-home, portable massager, 

Then look around no further. Here are the top 5 massagers that are picked after going through hundreds of reviews and are popular among the masses. soothe your discomfort and pains without being a pain in your pocket. Be assured that having a look at this review article will help you pick the best one,

HoMedics ShiatsuMax 2.0

Back and Shoulder Massager

Have you ever wished to come home and have a relaxing massage?  A relaxing massage, which soothes your shoulders’ discomfort and backaches? If your answer is yes then look no further.

The all-new ShiatsuMAX 2.0 Back and Shoulder Massager is the latest massage chair from the house of market leaders in-home massage, HoMedics. It is designed with keeping your comfort in mind. Give a much-needed massage treatment to your back and shoulders with simple remote control and 14 massage programs in the comfort of your home.

It has two double massages nodes for a deeper Shiatsu massage across the back and shoulders giving you complete relaxation. The14 massage programs including Shiatsu and Rolling massage provides for a full back massage. It has Adjustable height and width giving you a customized massage. Its heating option soothes sore muscles. It not only massages shoulders and back but also upper legs/thighs with its Invigorating vibration massage. It has an adjustable headrest, bolstered sides, and seat for maximum comfort.


·         Mains powered

·         Dimensions: 81cm x 45cm x 10cm

·         Manufacturer’s guarantee for two year

·         Cord length: 2.6m

·         UK plug

·         Accessory List: 1 x Instruction Manual,  ShiatsuMax

·         Depth: 50 MM

·         Height: 120 MM

·         Width: 140 MM

·         Massager Type: Back

·         2×2 massage nodes for the deepest, most concentrated Shiatsu massage for back and shoulders

·         Innovative rotating massage mechanism for an enhanced lumbar massage

·         Fully functional remote control for easy operation

·         Deluxe washable back cover to ensure hygiene

·         Bolstered sides and seat for ultimate Cocooning seat massage

·         14 massage options with variable intensity Shiatsu, Rolling and Spot massage for your back

·         Vibration massage for your upper legs and thighs

·         Adjustable to fit most chairs and sofas for use at home or in the office


·         Easily targets  aches and pains,

·         Simple remote control

·         Up to 14 massage options

·         Personalization of your massage


·         Quite vigorous

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RENPHO Back Massager with Heat

Are you struggling with neck stiffness? Pandemic inhibiting spa visits? If you are facing these issues then have a look at the RENPHO pillow. Featuring 4 shiatsu kneading massage rotation nodes, it will rub out the knots and kinks with a touch like that of real hands. This massager with its heating feature reduces pain from every area of the back, neck, foot, calves, even from the difficult-to-reach shoulder blades.

At an affordable price, this massager still provides the strength of a professional massage. It’s perfect for people who sit at desks or drive for long periods. Now there is no need to make an appointment with a spa or professional masseuse. Having a neck massage is a great way to relieve muscle tension, improving blood circulation, and easing headache pain. This also makes a great gift for friends and family.


·         Power Input: 100-240V

·         Power Frequency: 50/60Hz


·         Feels like real hands kneading experience

·         Strong heating helps to ease out the knots

·         Selectable direction alters the function

·         The elastic Velcro strap to accommodate most chair sizes.

·         Easy to use at home or office


·         Focus on one area at a time

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Hangsun Handheld Neck Back Massager MG400

Are you tired of bulky massagers? Do you want to switch to a new sleek massager without breaking your bank? The all-new Hangsun Handheld Neck Back Massager MG400 is an answer to all your questions.

Its high speed and depth of movement create a deep, soothing massage. 3, 500 Pulses per Minute soothes the deepest muscle.  This massage technique penetrates even the tightest muscles.

The Dual Head Percussion is more effective than a single head massager in a deep targeted massage, muscle pain relief, and helps you to relax.

Wide Range Variable Speed Control offers variable speeds to accommodate your body’s full massage needs.

3 Interchangeable Massage Nodes help to customize your massage experience.

Comfortable and Easy to Use – its 98-inch extra long power cord means you can get a great massage anywhere.

 It requires no maintenance and comes with a 1-year guarantee.


·         Product Dimension: 5.3 x 6.5 x 16.9 inches

·         Weight: 1.44 Pounds

·         Color: Black

·         Power source:  Corded Electric


·         Built-in superior quality heat function helps in soothing muscle fatigue or soreness

·         Ergonomic handle ensures an easy and comfortable grip

·         An adjustable intensity button provides 3-speed control


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ALDOM Massage Gun

Bulky massagers do more harm than good. That’s why it is better to invest in handheld devices so you can give yourself much-needed TLC. With its sleek design, Aldom Massage Gun helps you to relax in the comfort of your home without the requirement of bulky machinery.

Aldom is a powerful massage gun.  Its deep tissue uses percussion therapy to ease muscle soreness and speed up recovery. It efficiently helps to relax stiff muscles, promotes blood flow, and eases lactic acid-fast. It has 30 SPEED OPTIONS and meets the requirements of different massage needs. Users can easily adjust the massage speed through the LCD touch control. A Percussion massage gun helps the user ease muscle stiffness and tenderness. Perfect for every adult be it men & women athletes, bodybuilders, runners, swimmers & weightlifters

This handheld muscle massage gun comes with 6 different functional massage heads and provides users with the most professional massage.


·         Power: 24W.

·         Battery Capacity: 6 x 2400mAh.

·         Working Time: 8-10 hours.

·         Adjustable Level: 30 levels.

·         Frequency: 1800 – 4800 rpm.

·         Net Weight: 2.2lb.


·         Lightweight and easy to carry

·         Noiseless


·         Short battery life

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RENPHO Massage Cushion, Back Massager for Chair

Many people suffer from degenerative disc disease, sciatica, muscle tension, or pain or discomfort. The way out from this discomfort is massage. So if you want to enjoy the relaxation of a spa in the comfort of your home with the all new RENPHO Back Massager with Heat, Shiatsu Massage Chair.

With RENPHO Neck & Back Massager, you’ll be able to enjoy spa grade massages on your neck, shoulders, and back in your own home or office, relieving degenerative disc disease pain and sciatica, improving blood circulation. Allow yourself to relax and rejuvenate to recharge your batteries and promote efficiency.

Its 8 deep-kneading & shiatsu back massage nodes travel up and down giving you maximum comfort. You can choose between a full back massage, back massage, or lower back massage and concentrate your massage on the area for pin-point relaxation upper. It fits perfectly behind your neck

 This chair massage cushion offers soothing heat and seat vibration which helps you relax more. Vibration on the seat with adjustable 3 levels of intensity provides you a comfortable massage to Hip and thighs.


·         Manufacturer: Renpho

·         Model: RF- BM076

·         Color: Beige

·         Dimensions: 32.70 x 16.60 x7.40 inches


·         Customized back massage

·         Unique Massage Pillow

·         Seat Vibration with 3 intensities

·         High-quality polyurethane leather makes it durable and easy to clean


·         Bulky and heavy

·         Not suitable for children and may even be hazardous for their health.

·         Firm sensation

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RENPHO Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Back Massager with Heat, Electric Massage Pillow Deep Tissue 3D Kneading

A small handy portable massager is the need of the day. That’s why RENPHO Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Back Massager with Heat, Electric Massage Pillow is here to save the day

RENPHO neck massager provides you the benefits of a professional shiatsu massage in the comfort of home.  Its ergonomic design and 8 deep-kneading nodes simulate human fingers to produce a super comfortable deep tissue shiatsu massage. This shiatsu massager eases the full body; use on your neck, shoulders, back, legs, thighs, calves, and feet.

This shoulder massager includes heat functions, which more efficiently ease muscle soreness and tension, knots, aches, and release trigger points.

This neck massager will ease you from the worry of a sudden direction change. Its 3-speed levels will surely find the right intensity to ease muscle soreness.

 Shiatsu kneading massager employs a high-quality copper motor. a 15-minute auto-shut-off prevents overheating.               


·         1 x RENPHO Shiatsu neck massager

·         1 x Power adapter

·         1 x User manual

·         Soothing Heat Function

·         8 Shiatsu Massage Nodes

·         3 Speed Levels

·         2 Massage Directions

·         U-shape Ergonomic Design

·         Deep Tissue Capability

·         Weight: 3.13lb


·         Durable Leatherette and Breathable Mesh

·         Breathable Mesh:

·         Auto shut off for safety


·         It’s NOT cordless.

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Without any doubt, massagers are handheld, massage chairs or a pillow provide comfort, relief from muscle pain, and soothes the discomfort. However, if you are experiencing acute pain and notably sore for several days in a row even after using the best massager, it is better to take some days off and figure out the root cause. Consult your doctor. As the first step and be at ease by using the relaxing back massager as a second.

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